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Final Fantasy VIII Character Rating Community

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Final Fantasy VIII Character Rating Community

Welcome to balamb_rating, a rating community for characters of Final Fantasy VIII! If you are familiar with character rating communities, this is just one that is exclusive to FFVIII...If not, all you need to do is read the rules, fill out an application, and community members will vote on which character from the game you are most like :)

Please join the community and read the rules below before you apply, as you will not be stamped unless all the rules are followed.

Application Rules
1. Pictures of yourself are not required, but preferred.
2. Please answer all the questions on the survey, and give detailed answers...it is very difficult to gauge your personality if you skip questions or give very short, non-descript answers.
3. The survey and pictures must be behind a lj-cut. The code for this is already in the application so this should not be a problem.
4. To prove you've read this, please put the words "Eyes on Me" somewhere in the subject line of your application...your mod also finds this easier to distinguish between apps and off-topic posts :)
5. We'd prefer that you not use lj icons or cosplay photos of FFVIII characters, as might sway voters.
6. I have removed the portion of the application that asks for links to recently voted apps...However I do ask for a sort of honor system...it is only polite to vote on other applications when you are asking people to vote on your own...And if that isn't enough, often times reading other people's apps will draw attention to things you might not have otherwise thought of, so really, when everyone votes, everyone wins <3

Voting Rules
1. Please vote on others, even if you haven't been stamped yet.
2. All final votes should be bolded. Please follow this rule as your mod has terrible vision and it makes counting votes MUCH easier for her XD
3. Elaboration of votes is encouraged...instead of just voting, add in a sentence or two to describe why you voted someone as a particular character
4. Even though most people will post photos, this is a personality based community...the photos are there to put a face to a name and to get a feel for the vibe the person gives off...but please do not let your vote be swayed by a person's physical appearance (so if someone is hyper, outgoing, and the application has a lot of energy, do not let long blond hair and glasses be the basis for your votes :) )
5. Be kind! We are in this to have fun...this community is in no way meant to judge other people, no matter what you are basing it upon. Any member who is intentionally cruel to someone else will have their vote deleted and will possibly be banned from the community. It is not funny, and it certainly is not fair.

You will be stamped after around 5-6 votes of the same character, though if the votes are pretty evenly distributed between two people, your application may be left up a bit longer to try for a tie-breaker. I will try and have you stamped within two weeks of applying, however if applications are very slow to come in/there are not very many votes, it may take a bit longer...please be patient! And feel free to poke at me in either a recent mod post or in my personal journal if your app has been up for a long time...Unfortunately real life keeps me extremely busy and I sometimes just forget there are open applications :-\

The Application:

fuyu_rating bleach_rating tsubasa_rating finalfangirls vandread_rating gash_rating keybladerating dnangel_rating filgaia_rating rk_ratings mirror_animate chocobo_stamps shuffle_ratings ga_rating

Merely comment on a moderator post to be added. Note: If you ask to affiliate or agree to an affiliation and a link back to balamb_rating is not in your userinfo within 2 weeks, I'll probably send you a message asking if you are still interested :)

Primary Moderator

If you cannot reach me for any reason, please contact one of the following:

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